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Oct 30, 2013 6:00pm PDT
secrets. >> thank you, allen. >>> breaking news out of marin county. a jury has convicted teenager max wade for his crime spree that included stealing celebrity chef guy fieri's lamborghini. linda yee shows us how wade's mother reacted to that decision. linda. >> reporter: ken, the jury did find 19-year-old max wade guilty on fiv charges. his mother was in the courtroom and she screamed at the verdict. >> i love you baby!! >> reporter: he was convicted of attempted murder charges. prosecutors said he shot at his former high school classmate in a jealous rage, a mill valley boy dating a 16-year-old girl wade had desired. wade was also convicted of stealing a $200,000 lamborghini owned by celebrity chef guy fieri. prosecutors said he broke into a luxury car dealership in san francisco, rappelled down a four-story building to steal the car and impress the girl. there is no immediate reaction from his parents who were in the courtroom. his attorney: >> i think it's a very, very difficult time for the family. >> reporter: the jury reached the verdicts after only one day of deliberations. s
Oct 28, 2013 6:00pm PDT
issue, teenager max wade on trial for not only saling fieri's lamborghini, but the attempted murder of a girl who spurn his advanced. wade called himself invincible according to the prosecutor. >> a high risk, dangerous, media-worthy crime h. did so for no other apparent reason than to get to be with the girl. >> he spent more than five minutes on the -- fieri spent more than five minutes on stand. >> for me, i was surprised i was that short. i just wanted to keep it straight and to the point. let's wrap this up. >> wade is accused of going to a does he recall ship to steal fieri's fancy sports car in 2011. >> this defendant executes a hollywood style mission impossible style burglary. >> fieri says he understands wade's flare for the dramatic to get his hands on that car. >> probablier guy wanted to have a lamborghini one day. i got to fulfill it. i'm of it. >> fieri says he never got his lamborghini b but his insurance took care of it when he reported it stolen. in the meantime, the defense never put on any witnesses. only in their loading arguments, the defense attorney said the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2